giovedì 25 agosto 2016

FIVE YEARS/ 600 000 page views

Il mio blog che curavo con tanto amore insieme a Danilo ha sofferto dello stato delle cose....
eppure io devo tanto a questo blog e a voi amici che lo avete visitato commentato e tenuto caro....
Abbiamo avuto dialoghi,esperienze e momenti di crescita artistica ed umana.
Il mondo di Blogland è cambiato con Facebook così interattivo ma come ci si incontra qui su blogger è tuttora molto diverso.
Grazie a tutti e grazie di essere stati amorevoli con me che,pure,  poco visito i vostri blog.
Spero in un momento di maggiore comunicazione da parte mia.
Un abbraccio affettuoso, amici vicini e lontani che con la vostra presenza mi avete trasformato
 da una persona che dipingeva ogni tanto ad una persona che dipinge ogni giorno.

Acrylic on textured canvas more gel effects and dripping with totally
 freedom as in watercolors techniqueVintage 2016# 1   16"x20"light 
My blog that I cared with much love, with Danilo, has suffered from the state of things ....
yet I have been so helped , from this blog, from  you friends who have visited, commented and cherished ....encouraged me to be tenacious in my practice of painting.
We had dialogues, experiences and moments of artistic and human growth.

Blogland world has changed, with Facebook so interactive but as we meet here on blogger is still very different.
Thank you all and thank you for being so kind  with me, if  I don't visit your blog yet  .
I hope at a time of increased communication with you.
A warm hug,friends near and far, because with your presence, you have turned me from a person who painted occasionally into a person who paints every day, during last five years.

8 commenti:

  1. Congratulations, Rita! I've always enjoyed visiting your blog! See you back soon in blogland!

  2. Thanks,dear Judy! Save my mind balance and keep painting attitude, it was best deal for these last months...Now I hope resume blogger life!

  3. I love you and your art. Thanks for sharing it.
    Hugs and best thoughts...

  4. Thank you dear Lavana. Hugs and sweet thoughts for you too.

  5. C'est toujours un bonheur de venir sur ton blog, chère Rita.
    Bon anniversaire et gros bisous !

  6. Dear Rita, So good to see another post from you, and congratulations on the 5th anniversary of your blog. Yes, we all miss you, but when I see your paintings, I'm reminded of the love you have in the beauty around you, and your undying spirit. We will be waiting as long as it takes, the main thing is your health, and your family. Keep well, and take care.x

    1. I never stop painting, post always on facebook,that seems so quick and easy...I was lazy to walking in blogland...I try to resume this sweet habit. I miss my blogger friends sweetness!thanks so much for be always near my heart and my soul,with your lovely words.


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