domenica 23 ottobre 2016


Primi giorni  dove stare in casa sembra piacevole e protettivo.
Quanto è stato lungo l'anno che è passato!!!
Come un surfista sull'onda mantiene l'equilibrio anche io ho continuamente adattato la vita al ritmo degli eventi.
Sulla mia pittura questo ha  portato l'aggiunta del nero e qualcosa di più drammatico.
Sono ancora una persona felice di quello che ha, ma  alcune  avversità e
due lutti  hanno cambiato  la mia vita e,in parte, la mia pittura.

Ciclamini nel bosco-RitaVaselli-Acquerello e acrlico nero -36cmx50cm Fabriano 140 gr
Now first  days that staying  at home looks nice and protective.
How  long it was last year  in my life !!!
As a surfer on the wave keeps the balance even I continually adapted my life to the rhythm of events.
On my painting that brought the addition of black and something more dramatic.
I'm still a woman, happy for all God gifts, but my life has been touched by some adversity and two deaths that have changed part of my painting , as even  part of my life.

Un dettaglio del lavoro che oggi ho ripreso con l'inchiostro acrilico nero
Today I added drama to old watercolor "cyclamen wood)

4 commenti:

  1. Dear Rita this painting is lovely. The acrylic ink adds such a depth to this piece. I am keeping you in my prayers as you pick up the pieces of your life. Take care sweet one. Sending you a hug today.

    1. Thank you dear Debbie. Acrylic ink is so clear and velvety...I used Schmincke as brand,very beautiful colors.Warm hugs for you too.Take care in your wonderful hills!

  2. There is a new drama to your work, Rita, that maps the bitter/sweet journey through life.

    I've used the Golden Fluid Acrylics a few times.

    1. Dear John,it is a very special time for me. Life gave me something hard to face,while painting brings new. I always said that I can teach watercolor technique, after find my own path. This happened. In this time I try to transmit what I learned after so many years of practice, to beginners . Golden Acrylic are so loved from painters. I found Schmincke wonderfully in a Turin shop...Difficult see with eyes supplies...Golden rare in Italy,only online market offer this brand in my zone.


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