domenica 5 marzo 2017


Nel flusso tu sei quel guizzo rosso
che tiene caparbio
quella tenera forma nell'angolo
a lato di un mondo 
che è tanto più grande.
E risplende il colore per sè.

Flowers Joy World -RitaVaselli-Watercolor and acrylic ink on Fabriano 24x32 

In the flow maybe
you are that red spark
that keeps stubborn
that tender form
  in the corner, at the side
of a world which is
so much more great.
  It shines the color itself.

4 commenti:

  1. Beautiful, very beautiful! I'm glad to see another example of the same technique

    1. Thank you, dear Blaga. Watercolor flows with some drop of acrylic ink reaching quickly deepth of colors. At first step watercolor flowing with water as shapes, keeping edges hard yet.Some drops of acrylic ink give more strong results in composition avoiding over work on paper.I feel this technique suitable for my abstract( more or less) realism.

  2. A joy of colour reminding us Summer will soon be here. The acrylic ink and watercolour give such a blaze of shapes and hues. Fabulous.

    1. Thanks,dear John! Working on sensation, more than visual elements, came natural in watercolor painter...This medium after dry can loose impact, even with artist grade colors. So,mix art grade acrylic ink can solve a quick gestural session without looseness of impact.I discovered this after many experiments...less acrylic inks is best solution letting watercolor almost velvet presence dominate instead acrylic glossy presence. First layers are so fast...then a bit of meditation to paint less than possible to give sense and vibrancy to composition.


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