venerdì 24 marzo 2017


Dipingere dal vivo ma senza che la realtà ostacoli la libertà espressiva.
Stasera ho appoggiato un tulipano parrot sul tavolo ed ho iniziato a cercare 
di dipingere la sua ultima bellezza.

Prima la realtà poi l'emozione /First reality then emotion 

Painting from life, don't let reality limit expression freedom.
Tonight I put a faded parrot tulip on my desk, to get its latest beauty.

4 commenti:

  1. Love it! The colours are so vibrant, it bursts with life and energy. Wonderful painting, Rita

  2. When a friend comments so lovely and twice yet (Blogger and Facebook)...What else??? THANK YOU,dear JOHN!!!

  3. What a wonderfully fluid burst of rich color. The red juxtaposed with the purple makes my heart beat faster. bravo!

    1. Thank you dear Julie,my love story with colors seems always better path to reach my expression...At least I think to continue my painting journey,walking in colors.


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