venerdì 3 marzo 2017


Accade di riordinare i propri lavori e di stupire perchè nonostante tutto i colori,il movimento impresso alla composizione ed il soggetto non sono così lontani dopo tanti anni.

Dodici anni mi separano da questo grappolo di uva che è stato fotografato in un settembre 2005
sulle colline dell'Oltrepò Pavese.

Erano i miei primi tentativi di indipendenza dai libri, dai corsi seguiti...dipingevo in cucina e nei ritagli di tempo di una vita più spesso concentrata sulla casa.

Ma sostanzialmente riconosco la mia mano ...e rimpiango alcuni bei colori che Winsor &Newton non produce più, come pure  la carta che presentava sempre caratteristiche più positive di quella odierna.

Un altra cosa importante è che il blog è vicino alle settecentomila visualizzazioni e di questa connessione con il mondo sono profondamente grata a chi mi segue,come amico,come lettore,come blogger.
Grazie,amici, di questo cammino insieme,dal 2011.

Uva sulle colline di Oltrepo' Pavese -Vintage 2005-RitaVaselliWatercolor

It can  happen, rearranging our work , be surprising  because, despite all years, colors and motion of  composition or subject are so similar  after all these years.

Twelve years separate me from this cluster of grapes that was pick in September 2005, on the hills of Oltrepò Pavese.

They were my first attempts at independence from books and courses taken ... I painted in my kitchen, in the spare time of a life more often focused on family.

Basically I acknowledge my hand ... and I regret some beautiful colors that Winsor & Newton does not produce more, as well as the paper that always showed the most positive characteristics ...papers were better in past time.

Another important thing is that my blog is close to seven hundred thousand views so for  this connection with the world I are deeply grateful to those who follow me, as a friend, as a reader, as a blogger ...

Thanks, dear friends, for this walking together since 2011.

8 commenti:

  1. We are all in it together in this special corner of blogland ..... here's to the next 700,000

    1. Dear John, when I painted this grapes(2005) my life was really different!!! Painting passion and friends in my world(Blogland and Earth planet),now, help me to painting yet with colors and joy for life, appreciating past present future... Thanks to you,for your kind friendly words and nice support here!!!

  2. Félicitations , plus de 70 000 visiteurs !
    Bonne continuation ma chère Rita :)

    1. Merci Lydie!!! Je suis tres admireé pour tes portraits.

  3. Dear Rita, congratulations for your 700000 visits milestone! You are a very inspiring artist and I am always curious to see your next work or your creative experiments. So, I will definitely continue contributing to the next round number of visits to your blog!

    1. Thank you so much dear friend oversea!!! I love experimentation that lead me beyond.Maybe inspiring my blogfriends to try something new. See you soon...HERE!!!

  4. I leave a comment on a column with an old comment on it.
    My heart feels the same about your beautiful paintings and your sensitive words, dearest Rita. Congratulations on the 700,000 views. They have brought me great pleasure. Blessings, my friend.

    1. My daughter linked Fb at blogger with a plugin that works so...A true pleasure for me your words!!!Blog seems run on past work more than last work....Usa readers are my most readers in the world.Funny thing to see it, day after day. We can think that blogging well overcomes boundaries,so good in these times yet.Hugs,dear Julie.


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